lmode 激安コンタクトレンズ通販

●コンタクトレンズ ワンデーはどんな人が使うの?



大半のソフトコンタクトレンズは使い捨てコンタクトレンズです。毎日 取り替えを行わないといけません。




ですので、ハードコンタクトに比べ、スポーツ等で使用するにはもってこいのタイプです。やはりスポーツ等をする際にはメガネでは 動きに限界があります。









Daily disposable Contact Lenses (1 Day)


The majority of soft contact lenses available are 'disposable' and according to the FDA the definition means used once and then discarded. This means a new pair of lenses should be used every day. In practice this is not quite the case. The majority of wearers of soft contact lenses choose these daily disposables. They are easy to adapt to and being soft they are very comfortable. Of course, daily disposables are very easily torn; hence they are for one-time use only. The other benefit to daily disposable contact lenses is that disinfecting or soaking is not necessary as they are sterile when they are delivered straight from the package and will not be re-used. They are available in tints and are great for active lifestyles and sports as they are more difficult to dislodge than rigid or 'hard' contact lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses are also a great option for you if you plan on wearing contacts for certain activities or only on weekends. It can be hard to remember when to replace a 2 week or monthly lens especially if your only wearing them part time.